Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Recycled facial tissues - an update

It has been a busy time, but last week I managed to get out and reconnoitre. On the hunt I was, for the elusive recycled paper facial tissues.
Was I lucky?
Did I find any?
Where were they?
Yes I was.
Yes I did.
In Woolworths.
They are made by ABC Tissue Products and manufactured from "quality post consumer materials such as clean office paper".
If you would like to congratulate and encourage this company you can email it on
Might help to do the same with Woolworths. (If you click on it, it should taker you there.)
Might also help to buy the tissues.
Oh, by the way, no sign of any in Coles, or the three local IGAs.
Here's my message to the Big Wool.

Well done with the recycled ABC facial tissues.
I have been on a campaign to get them back in stores and Woolworths seems to be the front and consistent runner.
Still more work to be done though.
Here's a couple of things to think about and get on with:
- getting rid of plastic bags
- getting rid of GM foods
- ensuring more locally produced products
- ensuring clear labelling on all products, but in particular fresh fruit and vegetables, naming town and state of origin, even the grower.
There's a bit there to go on with, but if Woolworths truly is "The fresh food people", then what could be fresher than natural and local.
Once again, well done and I look forward to more good news from the Woolworths conglomerate.