Get Out, Adelaide, 1976.

Adelaide, 1976

While finishing off my first marriage, I wrote for this little left screaming magazine.
Other names in the pages include:Marcus Beresford, John Emery, Monty Zumer, Bernard Hesling, Terry Jennings, Noel Purdon, Jay Bland, Dave Tilley, Kevin Brewer, Nick Gill.
Where are we all now?



NICK said...

Dunno where everyone else is, but I'm in northern NSW, just returned from 8 years living in Netherlands.....have been working for the last 24 years as an Addictions Counsellor, having got sober in 1989!
Nice to remember Get Out - it was agreat progressive magazine :)

Jon Doust said...

Nick, as in Nick Gill?
Good work, getting sober. I got it in May 1986. Now I live in Albany WA, where I surf, drink coffee, converse, and mainly write.