Sunday, November 11, 2007

Garlic is in!

Yes, that's me in garlic.
The crop is ready.
It looks good, it looks great, years will be added to people's lives.
This crop was planted after Easter this year and grew with enthusiasm.
All I did was water it and weed around it.
So simple, why don't more folk do it?


Rudyard Kipling aka No.11 said...

Is that why there are no vampires at your house? I better get some of that stuff planted over here!

Jon Doust said...

don't bother. it won't grow over there.

Anonymous said...

why not, has frank put the mozza on it?

j.doust said...

Of course we eat this by the tonne in France and it is the reason why we all live so long and are so deeply attractive.

Looks like a nice crop - is it the rose variety?